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The following is a compilation of common asked questions that we have gathered over the years and the answers that we have to them.  This our attempt to hopefully help answer some of the your questions that you may have when you are considering a trip with the Perch Patrol Guide Service.

When is the best time to come and fish Devils Lake with the Perch Patrol?

This is by far the #1 question we get and it is probably the most difficult to answer.  The truth is that there is no magic time to try and reserve and there is no magic time to avoid.  We schedule guests from December 15th to March 31st every year.  Our guide staff also fishes every day in that time period.  The fishing literally can change from hour to hour, morning to afternoon, and from moving from one location to another.  Each month of the season does offer some unique advantages below is a break down for you to consider:

Mid December to beginning of January - this is normally what we call "first ice" or our early ice period.  The fishing this time of year can be outstanding or it can be so so.   You need to keep in mind that our guide staff is just getting started and we haven't been to many different parts of the lake yet.  So our intel and knowledge of spots is at the lowest point of the season.  We are very cautious about ice thickness and we cannot just go everywhere because we have not been everywhere yet.  Safety First!  The good part of fishing this time of year is that the fish have not seen a lot of pressure yet so typically when we locate them they can be easier to catch.

The month of January - This is a very popular time that a lot of our guests like because we fish daylight to dark.  Depending on how hot the perch bite is, a lot of days we start  the morning fishing walleyes, then we switch to targeting perch and then we go back to fish walleyes the last two hours of the day.  So potentially, our guests get to cracks a the walleyes. On days that the sun is bright and the skies are clear, the walleye bite typically doesn't last that long. On cloudy days the walleye bite is longer so naturally we will fish them longer.  As always, we want our guests to catch fish and we typically base our decisions on what ever species is biting best at the time.

The month of February - Beginning on February 1st, we implement our 8 to 9 hour fishing days.  The day light hours start to get longer and will continue to do that the rest of the season.  We usually end our day between 4:00 and 4:30 pm.  So we no longer fish walleyes before the sun goes down.  We have to draw the line some where because by mid March there is 15 to 16 hours of daylight and our guides have been going strong since mid December.  We will still fish walleyes in the morning but our concentration on perch is definately icreaasing.

The month of March - This is prime time for jumbo perch.  It is usually when the schools of perch get larger as they seem to school up before the spring spawn.  It is also when all species of fish are at their largest.  This is a favorite time of year for many as the weather usually is quite a bit warmer and there are times when it is so warm we hole hop and for go sitting in the portable shelters.  The fishing can be fantastic as the perch tend to compete for your lure.  The downfall of March is the unpredictable weather.  It is often one extreme or the other.  Towards the end of March we do start losing our ice and there is a chance that we will cancel your reservations due to dangerous and deteriorating ice conditions.

What kind of fishing gear is provided and what should we bring?

All of the guides on the Perch Patrol provide our guests with what we believe is the best of the best when it comes to fishing gear.   Each client will be given the use of a Vexilar FLX-28 flasher, two person Jason Mitchell Thermal shelter from Clam Outdoors complete with propane heat and comfortable swivel chairs, graphite rods and high end reels spooled with the correct braided line size that is customized to fish the all the different species of fish Devils Lake has to offer.  All tackle from buckshot rattlespoons to tungsten jigs.  If tip ups are needed, we do provide them also especially when we target northern pike.

Because we outfit all of our clientele with what we feel is the best for fishing Devils Lake, we ask that you and your fishing party bring nothing in terms of fishing gear.  All of our vehicles that we use whether it is crew cab trucks, suburbans, or crew cab Polaris Rangers are organized and customized to fit all of our fishing gear that we already provide for you.  THERE IS NO OTHER ROOM AVAILABLE for additional gear that you bring.  In the past we have allowed this and by the end of the day we have found that most of the time these customers were back to using our gear that we provide anyway.  Keep in mind, we are a mobile guide service and part of being mobile is making moving easy.  When there is so much gear to handle it makes moving twice as difficult.  Please Trust us!  We want you to be successful and catch fish!  The gear we provide to you is in our opinion, the best for our situations and conditions on Devils Lake.







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