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2014 - 2015 Fishing Reports

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wow has it ever been crazy busy around here!  The fishing for the Perch Patrol the past couple of weeks has been as good as the weather on any given day.  Lately, we have been experiencing a January thaw.  We have had some excellent perch fishing on certain days and some excellent walleye fishing on other days but we have also struggled on both species as well at times.

The overall fishing on Devils Lake is slower than last year.  We are not bringing in as many limits, but we are still having a very good season.  We have to work harder for them and that means drilling more holes and going to more locations but overall we still manage to make something happen everday.  We did get spoiled last season as did everyone but this year's fishing is still very good and from what we hear is still better than a lot of destinations.

The Perch Patrol Schedule is full for the rest of this season.  We do have a few dates left on the very last week of March but the rest of our schedule is Sold out.  We will be taking reservations for next season beginning next April.  We want to Thank all of you that have a trip booked with us and for making this possible.

We are also announcing that this will be the final fishing report for this season.  There is a lot of phone calls that get generated everytime we do a report and to be honest, now that we are full, we have nothing to offer these folks that are looking for open dates.  It winds up to be a lot of phone calls that really never end good.  We need to concentrate on the guests that we have here fishing with us instead of continuing to tell people "No, I am sorry we are full."  We hope that you can understand.

If you have a trip booked with us, for this season, and have some questions, please feel free to give us a call on the Perch Patrol Reservation Hotline (701) 351-3474

Good Luck Fishing and Everyone have a safe rest of this season!

Sunday, January 11 2015

It has been a very challenging last 10 days.  Quite Honestly the weather has been kicking our butts.  The past seven days we have had 2 blizzards, we have had temperatures as low as 53 below zero with the wind chills and the we have had days where the wind blew up to 50 miles per hour.  Do we need to even talk about what this does to the perch and walleye bite on Devils Lake?

We have had a few bright spots however, in-between fronts.  We have had some groups have some pretty good days on perch and other groups have done fairly well on walleyes.  By no means, did we have everybody limiting out but we did have a group or two that were definately in the right spot on certain days.

We are still using the small Northland Buckshot Rattle spoon tipped with minnow heads, perch eyes, or wax worms.  On the tougher days we have downsized quite a bit switching between small tungston jigs, rat finkies, hali's, and slender spoons.  Some of the keys to success has been jigging the fish in and raising the baits up higher to reqruit more fish in.  It seems if you just mark a single fish, they never want to bite but by raising the bait and attracting two or three others into the mix, that's what will trigger one of them to to bite.  It takes a lot of patience and we are encouraging our guests that the time to fish the hardest is when they are not marking any on the Vexilar.  If you lay the rods on the ice, you definately won't need them.

On the bright side of things, the forecast looks awesome!  By midweek the weatherman is talking 30 degrees!  That will be a very welcomed change!  Fishing should improve as well.

Sorry no pictures this report, I am having an issue with my computer.  Good luck fishing everybody!

Monday, December 29

Happy Holidays everybody!  Well, the Perch Patrol got what we wanted for Christmas and that was some sunshine!  After 3 straight weeks of foggy, cloudy, and down right gloomy weather, mother nature has given us some sunshine days and has it ever improved the perch fishing!  We are no where near the def-con 4 levels that were happening last year, but the perch fishing has been pretty decent as of late.  We are still having our best luck with the northland buckshot rattle spoon and the Clam Speed spoon tipped with either a minnow head or a couple of wax worms.  We have also been playing with some tungsten jigs loaded with waxies and have been enjoying some success with it as well.

The walleye fishing has been fairly good but some of the before dark bites seem to be better towards mid afternoon instead of right before dark.  Weird?  Just when you think you know all you needed to them darn walleyes throw you a curve-ball.  Our biggest theory is proving right however and that is the sunny days are better for the perch and the cloudy days are better for the walleyes.  SO, a little hint to all of our near future guests...come with an open mind and expect the unexpected!

We are very happy to report that we are now driving our trucks and does it ever feel good.  So nice to have all the gear right in your vehicle instead of having to load and unload all the time like we have to on our ATV's.  The ice is slowly getting thicker.  We are finding 12 to 16 inches most places now and have even measured some 18 inch ice.  Today was cold and at night we are hitting lows of -18 below zero so we will easily be making more ice the next few days.

If you have been trying to get a hold of us to make a reservation, I apologize.  With the holidays going on and some of the places we have been fishing there is not a lot of cellular service so it has been hard to talk on the phone much without experiencing dropped calls.  Plus we are in the full swing of guiding everyday now so the days are long and the evenings are short.   It is hard to get everyone called back even though you leave a message.  We don't have a lot of room left on our schedule for this season.  We have a few single days in February and March and we don't have any two or three days in a row for package trips until after March 20th.  Best advice to you is to study our availability calender on this website and if you see a day that will work for you give us a call and we will get you scheduled in.

Now I need to touch on a not so fun subject...We have had some groups show up with less people in their groups than they had originally reserved.  This cannot happen and will no longer be tolerated.  We are virtually sold out every day and in good faith have held up our end of the deal by holding all the spots that your party reserved.  It is only fair that our clientele base do the same for us.  As much fun as we try to provide, this is a business and some of our staff travels quite a ways to get here on time every morning with a smile and is fully prepared to take your group fishing.  Not to mention the number of phone calls we continue to take on a daily basis turning groups down because we are full.  So, please if your group is downsized or someone cannot make, let us know in advance so we can fill these spots with guests that are willing to make the commitment to show up and fish with us.  You are responsible for full payment for the number of spots reserved.  No Exceptions!

There, rant over with!  Ice is growing, fish are snapping, life is good!  Have a Happy New Year Everybody!

Thursday, December 18 2014

Fishing on Devils Lake for the Perch Patrol has been hit and miss this past week.  We have had some very good days and some very tough days as well.  The tough days that we have encountered were mainly due to 40 mph winds that made life challenging and the cold front that followed. 

We have had some groups do very well on perch before and after the front blew through.  The perch we are finding have been 28 to 40 feet of water.  They are hungry some days and some days they are not. 

The walleye fishing has been also very hit and miss.  We have started out fishing walleyes in the morning and catch a few and return to the same spot at the end of the day and hear nothing but crickets.  Other days, the before dark bite has been on fire.

We have been having our best luck with the small Northland Buckshot Rattle spoon tipped with either a minnow head or wax worms.  One of our guides Mr. Nick Fautsch has had the lucky rabbits foot in his pocket lately as he has been finding a lot of the perch as of late.  Way to go Nick!  Tom Backer had a guest catch a 7 1/2 pound walleye he wanted to mount and 2 hours later the same fellow caught a 10 pounder.  We won't as Tom how many he caught himself that day however.

The ice conditions on Devils Lake still vary quite a bit, depending on where you go.  We do have some areas that have up to 12 to 16 inches of ice but we also have 8 to 12 inches of ice.  For safety reasons, the Perch Patrol is still taking guests out with ATVs.  It's a lot more work, loading and unloading all the gear but so far our guests have been very helpful.

Our schedule is very full.  December is sold out, currently January 5, 6, 7, and 25th are the only day left in January, February 8, 13, 15, 19, and 22nd are the only days left open, and March is filling fast too. The only consecutive days we have left available for packages is Jan. 5,6,7 and after March 17th. 


Tuesday, December 9 2014

Well first of all we would like to Thank all of you who stopped by and visited our Woodland Resort/Perch Patrol booth at the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show last weekend.  Wow, what an event!  Every year that show seems to grow a little bit more.  Jeff Dosch, Zippy Dahl from the Perch Patrol worked the booth along with Kyle Blanchfield, the owner of Woodland Resort and Devon Sundeen an ice fishing expert and reservation specialist at Woodland Resort.  A great weekend was had by all.

The rest of the Perch Patrol Team along with some of their buddies were out fishing on many parts of Devils Lake.  They hunted for both perch and walleye and although they didn't find them everywhere they did find quite a few to play with and a few days they even caught their limits of perch.  Other days they marked a lot more that they caught as some of the perch were tight lipped.  See photos below of some of their nice catches!

As far as ice conditions go...kind of all over the board.  They found 11 to 12 inches on the main lake and in Creel Bay.  The did find a few 5 to 6 inch spots on the main bay however.  The Minnawauken Flats had about 13 to 14 inches consistently.  Pelican had a the most ice 14 to 16 inches but they reported a lot of pressure ridges to navigate around.  East Bay has about 10 to 12 inches as well.

We are glad we have as much ice as we do this early but still recommend using an atv or snowmobile instead of driving full size vehicles.  Safety First!  It's going to be a long season, let's keep it that way!

The reservations for the Perch Patrol are absolutely through the roof.  Never in our history have we felt this much demand this early.  We are coming off our best season ever last year and our guests that experienced it with us seem to be all coming back with even larger groups.  The only days that we have left in January and February are single day trips, meaning there just aren't any two or three days in a row to do a package.  March is the only month that we have package possibilities and the last couple of days, we have been selling a lot of them.  Please visit our availability calander to view what we have left.

We are very excited for our first guests that are arriving this coming weekend and then our season will really kick off on December 15th.  We will have more to report on ice conditions and hopefully have more pictures to show you as well.

Be safe out there!


Monday, November 24 2014

Well, we're back!  As I sit down write the first Perch Patrol Fishing Report of the new season, I am delighted to announce that all of Devils Lake is froze over.  Yes folks we have ICE!  As usual the shallow parts of the Devils Lake system, mainly on the west side, froze about 10 days to 2 weeks before the main lake.  So our ice conditions are going to vary quite a bit for a while.  We have not been fishing yet but some people that have been out have been reporting 6 to 7 inches on the west parts and about 2 inches in Creel Bay and on the main lake.  As always if you are planning to venture out use extreme caution and fish with a buddy.

We are very much ahead of schedule than most years in both the ice making and in our reservations.  It is no secret that last season was the most successful in the history of the Perch Patrol's 19 years of business and the reservations that are already in our books has never been higher at this point before our season begins.   Not only are the people that fished with us last year returning but so are the folks that we had to turn away last season because we were already full when they tried to schedule a trip.

We have added some new and exciting features to our web site  First of all, there is no more train packages.  I feel we have more than covered that on the reasons why.  But we did rebuild these packages to make them more suitable for our drive in guests.  As always we have 3 different package options out of Woodland Resort which has been home to the Perch Patrol since our beginning.  Woodland is also going through some exciting changes that we are looking forward to in the near future.  More on those later...  We also have 3 different package options with Devils Lake's newest hotel in town, the Sleep Inn and Suites.  We are also very excited about some of the great amenities they have to offer our guests that choose to lodge with them.  For more information about all of these great packages please visit our New Packages page on our web site

About 1 week ago, we added a new feature to our web site called Availability Calander.  This has been a home run with our visitors so far.  By clicking on the Availability Calander, you can see exactly what the Perch Patrol schedule is like for each month of our operation.  Just select what month you would like to view and monthly calander will appear.  On each day it will tell you exactly how many spots are available.  A spot is considered a person.  If it says no availability that means the Perch Patrol is sold out for that day.  This makes our lives a lot easier as now most people that call already know what is available and what is not.

Currently all of our guides are spending quite a bit of their day getting ready.  We are busy assembling our new Clam Thermal fish houses, rigging our trucks, respooling rods and reels, making shelves that will protect our new Vexilar FLX-28's and 22's from flying around, tuning up snowmobiles and Atv's, the list goes on and on.  We are also getting our new brochures ready for upcoming sport shows in St. Paul, Minnesota and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

So, although we are not fishing quite yet, we will be soon.  Our first guests arrive on December 11th and we have lots to prepare before the "show" begins.  If you are at all serious about fishing with the Perch Patrol this winter, you need to get aggressive about it and give us a call.  The month of December and January are already nearly full but we still have plenty of room in February and March.

Thats all for now, everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving and please be safe on the ice!




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