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Latest News

December 6, 2017

Well we made it back from the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show and we would like to Thank everyone for stopping by our booth and saying hello!  As usual the show was a tremendous success and it was an amazing atmosphere!

I just completed a 2 1/2 hour lake tour around various parts of Devils Lake.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I did not like some of the things I saw.  We do have ice for the most part but we also have a lot of open water areas too.  Some of these were caused from geese keeping them open but I think most of them are the result of too much wind and warm weather.  The weather has been colder the last 3 days but the wind is still a factor.  Starting tomorrow the wind is supposed to mellow out and that will help everything freeze but it is going to take a while before I would recommend anyone being on the ice on the main lake.  Pictured below are some of the photos I took.  The dark spots you see are the open water areas.

November 30, 2017

Hey Everyone!  The tradition continues!  Tomorrow morning Kyle Blanchfield and Steve "Zippy" Dahl will be leaving for the 25th Anniversary of the St. Paul Ice Fishing and Winter Sport Show held annually at the River Centre/Excel Energy Center in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.  This will be nothing new for this pair of scandanavians, as Kyle and Zippy have probably attended 23 years out of the 25 that this has been running.  They will be working the Woodland Resort/Perch Patrol Guide Service booth of course and as always they will enjoy talking about all of the exciting ice fishing opportunities that Devils Lake, North Dakota has to offer this upcoming season.

This is the "World's Largest Ice Fishing Show" and not only will they feature all the latest and greatest equipment and gear in ice fishing, but just about everyone in the industry will be on hand promoting products, destinations, and opportunities that are currently happening in this great sport of ice fishing.  The buzz that is generated in this building will be electric!  There is all kinds of seminars that cover all kinds of topics.  Many call this the "Super Bowl" of ice fishing!  Please stop by our booth and say "Hi"

Show Hours:

Friday, Dec. 1          1:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Saturday, Dec. 2     10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Sunday, Dec. 3         9:00 am - 4:00 pm

November 12, 2017

Hey folks, it's that time of year again!  We just received our shelters from Clam Outdoors and all of our Vexilar FLX-28's from Vexilar.  Our guides will be busy assembling shelters and getting equipment ready for this upcoming ice fishing season.  Although the main lake has not froze over quite yet, we do have ice on the shallower lakes in the north end of the Devils Lake basin.  We have heard reports of up to 5 inches.  But, we also hear the water is very dirty due to all the wind that churned it up right before it froze over.  That will make the bite tough until it settles and clears up.

Our winter is here!  It looks like a regular winter wonderland already.  Last Saturday, Nov. 4th, the Devils Lake region received 8 to 10 inches of snow and it has been cold ever since.  Thank God we didn't have ice before that hit!  There is nothing worse that having 2 inches of ice and having up to 10 inches of snow insulating and covering it.

We have been busy taking a ton of phone calls and reservations.  It is that time of year where our schedule fills quite rapidly.  If you are serious about coming fishing with us this season, now is the time to make your reservation.  The past 3 years, we have had the luxury of selling out our calender and with the number of reservations we already have for this season, we are confident that will happen this year.

We are looking forward to the St. Paul Ice Fishing show that takes place December 1 - 3rd at the St. Paul River Centre in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.  This will be our 23rd year of attending and sharing a booth with Woodland Resort.  It is always a phenominal show that is really the "kick off" to the ice fishing season.  Of course, it will be jam packed with all the latest and greatest innovations and happenings in the sport of ice fishing.  We hope to see you there!








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