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The Perch Patrol Guide Service is a collection of the area’s preeminent and most professional fishing guides.  Beyond guiding ice fisherman, this famous group of guides is very active in the ice fishing industry.  They provide product consultation and field testing for their sponsors as well as sharing of their knowledge with not only clientele but influential media that can reach out to all ice-fishermen through outdoor television to help promote and further the growth of the sport of ice-fishing.

Every guide on the Perch Patrol Staff is honored to be recognized as one of the finest ice fisherman in the industry.   Each guide prides himself on giving 100 percent effort everyday.  We appreciate and recognize some of the great distances our customers travel to get here and that is why we take your vacation very seriously.  “Behind every bent rod is a smiling face and another happy customer” – Steve Zippy Dahl



Steve “Zippy” Dahl

Zippy began guiding ice fisherman in 1995 and is one of the founding members of the Perch Patrol. He is the captain of this famous guide team and does most of the behind the scenes work with marketing, scheduling, and organizing the reservations. Zippy has been one of the familiar faces representing the Perch Patrol on numerous outdoor television shows such as Tony Dean, Midwest Outdoors, Kent Hrbek Outdoors, Jason Mitchell Outdoors, ESPN’s Back roads, and North American Fisherman.

During the summer months Zippy is the longest tenured guide on Mitchell's Guide Service, which also operates out of Woodland Resort.  Versatility is the key to catching walleyes all summer long on Devils Lake and Zippy enjoys casting crank baits, slip bobbering, trolling bottom bouncers and spinners, jigging, and long line trolling crank baits.

Zippy is one of the founding fathers of the famous “Perch Express”, which has become the most popular ice fishing trip in the industry. His favorite species to fish is definitely jumbo perch but he also loves to target walleyes and northern pike. Zippy enjoys teaching and watching his clients catch fish and is a firm believer that a successful guided trip is about more than just catching fish; its about having a good time and becoming a better fisherman along the way.


Tom Backer

Tom comes to us from Fargo, ND and the Professional Walleye Tournament Trails.  Tom has fished competitively for 28 years and 17 years professionally. Tom competed in both the In-Fisherman PWT and the FLW.  He has to his credit 10 top 10 finishes and 1 first place finish in Chamberlain, South Dakota on Lake Frances Case in 2002.  He also proudly won one of the first Angler Youth Angler (AYA) tournament with his daughter held on Devils Lake.  Fishing professionally that number of years has made him the versatile angler that he is today.  He has literally fished bodies of water from Columbia River in Oregon to Buffalo, New York and from Comberland, Kentucky to Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba.

During the summer months, Tom is a full time guide for Mitchell's Guide Service that operates out of Woodland Resort on Devils Lake.

Tom has fished all his life and fondly remembers beginning fishing with a cane pole with his grandparents.

Tom is entering his 13th season with the Perch Patrol Guide Service.  His favorite species through the ice are walleyes and perch and his favorite lure is the Northland Buckshot Rattle spoon.


Tanner Thomas

Tanner is a native of Devils Lake and has lived and fished here all of his life.  At the young age of 3, Tanner began fishing with his Dad and Uncle.  This will be Tanner's 5th year of guiding for the Perch Patrol and he also guides full time during the open water months as a guide for Mitchell's Guide Service.  Tanner grew up working in Woodland Resort's bait shop for 4 years and being around the "Woodland Atmosphere" has helped mold and shape him into knowing what customers want to make their trip successful. 

Tanner is one of our "Young Guns" that will not only help find fish but he is home grown and always seems to have a finger on the pulst of the lake and knows what's going on - when and where, especially when it comes to perch.

Tanner's favorite species to fish for is jumbo perch and his favorite lure is Northland's 1/16 oz Buckshot Rattle spoon tipped with a minnow head.

Tanner Paine

Tanner Paine is also a native of Devils Lake and has also lived and fished here his entire life.  Tanner has a true passion for fishing and it all began when he was a little boy fishing in northern Minnesota for walleyes and crappies with his Grandpa.

Tanner Paine also has experience working for Woodland Resort and on his off days could usually be found on the lake fishing somewhere.

"Painer" as we call him, loves to fish for jumbo perch and walleyes and isn't afraid to do what it takes to find either of them.  His favorite lure is the "Hali" made by Nilsmaster and he loves to tip the hoolk full of maggots. 

Tanner is also entering his 5th year with the Perch Patrol and everyone always enjoys enthusiasm and his infectious smile.


Tanner Elshaug

Tanner also was born and raised in Devils lake, ND. He is the son of Larry Elshaug, who many consider the best walleye ice fisherman in Devils Lake History.

Tanner not only had the good fortune of learning from one the the greats, he also inherited a strong, hard work ethic that is easily noticed when looking for fish. This man was born with an ice auger in his hands!

Tanner also guides for Mitchell's Guide Service in the summer months and after hours continues to help his Dad pouring concrete, pumping sewers, and helping area farmers with the harvest.

His favorite species to fish are both jumbo perch and walleyes and his favorite lure is rip jigging a sonar.


Brett Kenner

Brett comes to us from Leeds, North Dakota. Brett is the son of Roger Kenner, a world renouned Big Game hunter. It is easy to notice Brett is following his footsteps. Along with guiding for the Perch Patrol, Brett guides for Mitchell's Guide Service in the summer time and has also guided elk hunters in Wyoming.

When it comes to passion for the outdoors, whether its hunting or fishing, this guy loves every bit of it.

His favorite species to fish for is walleyes but tearing into a school of jumbos is a close second.






Korey Sprengel

Korey comes to us from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. He began his tournament career in 2008 and since 2011 Korey Sprengel has accomplished stardom as being one of the top anglers in professional walleye tournament fishing.

Korey is also no stranger when it comes to fishing the waters of Devils Lake. In 2014 he took first place in the World Walleye Championship held on Devils Lake.

In the past four years, Korey has won 7 major tournament championships and in 2013 he tied for Angler of the Year.

During the winter months, Korey has developed a true passion for ice fishing and is excited to join the Perch Patrol Guide Service to further educate and promote the sport of fishing to all of our guests.

Karl Kenner

Karl began fishing with his father, David Kenner at the young age of 3 on the shores of Minnewauken Flats on Devils Lake.  He was raised on a family farm near Maddock, ND and when the chores were done on the farm, Karl fished Devils Lake every chance he could.  

Karl has been farming on his own 7 years ago and he has been guiding the past 3 years.  Last winter Karl guided full time for the Perch Patrol and what an addition he made to our team!  Karl is very upbeat and seems to bring a "Can-do" attitude with him every day.  He loves to meet and fish with the variety of guests that we have and he prides himself on getting to know them, getting them to laugh, and showing them a good time.

Jumbo Perch is Karl's favorite species but he also has a wierd liking for catching northern pike through the ice.

Karl raises corn, soybeans, and barley on his farm and he is also a Legend Seed dealer to area farmers.












Tyler Elshaug

Tyler is the older brother of Tanner Elshaug and is another son to ice fishing legend Larry Elshaug.  This guy does such a good job raising ice fishing freaks, we just had to have two of them!

Tyler began fishing with his father when he was 5 years old.  When you grow up in the Elshaug family you drill holes a ton of them!  You will know a Vexilar so well, you will see red lines in you're sleep! AND you will catch fish!

While going to college, Tyler played hockey for the Bottineau Lumberjacks and earned an associates degree in wildlife management.  He then went on to the University of North Dakota where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in fisheries and wildlife biology.  This guy loved fish so much he majored in them!

This will be Tyler's 2nd year as a guide with the Perch Patrol.  He loves to take new people that have never fished Devils Lake before.  His favorite species to fish for is ripping a sonar in shallow water for walleyes.

Zach Schemionek

Zac-A-ttack as we call him, began his full time guide career with the Perch Patrol Guide Service last winter.  He hails from Wisconsin and grew up fishing with his parents and grandparents.  Zach's father Gerald is originally from Devils Lake and luckily for Zach, his mother and father came home to fish on numerous occasions.  The Schemionek family, including his crazy uncles, are all wild about the outdoors and are very familiar faces on the waters of Devils Lake winter or summer time.

That passion grew in Zach as well and as soon as he graduated from high school, Zach moved to Devils Lake and began working in the bait and tackle shop at Woodland Resort.  He also helped with Woodland's Ice Crew that takes care of the resort's rental houses during the ice season.

Zach is also a full time guide for Mitchell's Guide Service during the open water season.




Cody Roswick

Cody has been been both a part time guide and a friend to the Perch Patrol Team for many years and we are very excited that he is joining our staff on a full time basis.

Like most of our guides, Cody began fishing at a very young age (5 years old).  He fished with his father and was very fortunate to have two grandfathers that loved to hunt and fish and spent a ton of time doing both.  As a child growing up in Fargo, ND,  Cody had the good fortune of fishing many different species throughout western Minnesota and Ashtabula, Sakakawea, and Devils Lake in North Dakota.  

Cody graduated from NDSU with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration.  He then went right to fishing industry!  Cody worked for the Lund Boat Company starting out as a marketing clerk and was eventually promoted to district sales manager and was also put in charge of Lund's pro staff.

After working for Lund for 10 years Cody went to work for Pure Fishing wich owns the Berkley brand along with several other fishing companies such as Shakespeare, Fenwick, Abu Garcia, Penn, Johnson, Stren, Mitchell, and Pflueger to name a few.  Cody held such positions as the regional marketing manager and pro staff manager.  He was also very involved with product developement and coordinated field testing.  Cody was able to work out of his home in Valley City, North Dakota and would always come fishing with the Perch Patrol as much as his time allowed and he guided with us occasionally.  He would give us new lures to try and wanted our input. Cody worked for Pure Fishing for 8 years.

Because of his love for guiding, this past spring Cody began Finhunters Guide Service out of Valley City, North Dakota.  Cody guides open water from Lake Ashabula to Devils Lake to Lake Sakakawea, to lakes in NE South Dakota. He also guides waterfowl in the fall.  He is currently working part time for Northland Tackle Company.  He does consulting, helps with product developement, helps with pro staff, and will assist the sales team with sales programs and consumer shows.  He joins the Perch Patrol Guide Service this winter and we are all happy to have him join our team!









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